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Real Event: RoomForty Tasting

I was so lucky to be apart of this wonderful tasting hosted by the extremely talented caterers from Room Forty at the Vibiana in downtown Los Angeles. Collaborating with other vendors, Alex Rembac from Sterling Engagments joined an amazing team for this celebration.  Ideas for decor were really inspired by the  pairings and presentations of food and beverages by Room Forty.

Place setting, simple burlap style place mat with an adorable lace trimmed napkin provided by Designer Specialty Linens.  A delicate paper bag held the detailed and quite outstanding menu. All stationary provided by the fabulously talented Prim and Pixie.  A special thank you gift of plantable fresh herbs were also given to the guests!


For decor, it was important for us to draw attention to the senses with colors, smells, and textures.  Continuing down the long wooden tables provided by Classic Party Rentals, we used chique tall silver urns which held pastel color florals, fresh herbs, and my favorite detail ….artichokes!  Other vessels that were used held single blooms of gorgeous pink peonies and fresh kale.  This tablescape was so much fun for us!


We had so much fun playing with all of the different textures and scents that come from the garden, and used common vegetables and herbs to tie our delicious meal to the tablescape.

This was such a fun day!!! Full of great food, great drinks and great people!  A special thanks to Ryan Garvin for these beautiful images!!

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