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Read Wedding: Our Love Story at Triunfo Creek Vineyards

Our love story…. written by SYED and Sterling Engagements.  I love this look.  It screams romantic.  The images from Jessica Lewis Photography  were absolutely gorgeous! We created some fun and interesting details for this shoot at the Triunfo Creek Vineyard.  

Take a look at the library card case from Pretty Vintage Table, as we used it for the escort design.  SYED design team custom made a wooden barback with open books.   Hanging oversized frames and adding touches of softness with paper garlands; the ceremony site was amazing.  Continuing with the frames as inspiration our tabletop design finished the entire look.  An asymmetrical and whimsical design for the florals, accented with vintage blue bottles to add that pop of color. The tabletop design ends this story with…  Our Love Story is Forever.


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