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Christmas DIY: Decorated Votive Candles

We’ve partnered up with Chriselle Lim for another awesome DIY project. Check it out below!

Materials Needed:

1. White Candle

2. Spray Adhesive

3. Fresh Tree Trimmings

4. Glass Votives

5. Pruners or Scissors

Step 1: Using your pruners or scissors, cut the tree trimmings into easy-to-manage pieces that are no larger than your votives. 


Step 2: Place your tree trimmings on a surface you don’t mind ruining. Then, generously cover one side of the trimmings with spray adhesive. 

Step 3: Piece by piece, lay your trimmings on the votive and hold them firmly in place for around five seconds (to ensure the drying of the spray adhesive). 


Step 4: Place your candle in the votive, light, and enjoy! chriselle_lim_how_to_christmas_DIY-9

Thank you to Chriselle, Jeannie at Details Details, and Monica Wang for their teamwork in bringing this DIY to life!

Happy Holidays from SYED! 


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