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Real Sangeet: Erum and Umar’s Fabulous Night in Bollywood

Erum and Umar’s Bollywood themed sangeet took advantage of the Book Bindery’s large, spacious, and open floorplan to create an evening that made each guest feel like a movie star!


It would be difficult to imagine this event without the beautiful, glamorous ceiling installation! After spending hours on ladders, we carefully draped colorful fabrics above the dance floor and then mixed in ten different glimmering chandeliers.



For our stage, we custom designed and cut the white backdrop surrounded by large boxwood walls. The beautiful lighting from Amit at 3Dsounds helped this look really come to life! Above the buffet stations we had asymmetrical draping similar to that of the ceiling installation. To further mirror this look, we strung smaller chandeliers and boxwood balls in staggered positions! So fun!


Finally, on our long tables we created platforms using boxwood to elevate white casablanca lanterns of various sizes. In between these awesome props, we placed colorful florals in shimmering containers and added hundreds of candles.

In the foyer of the venue, we created a very fun and light look! We placed an emphasis on white and pink. Amongst gorgeous pictures of Erum and Umar, we added fun and interesting props and florals. The room had a very personal vibe and made the guests feel as though they were getting a glimpse into Erum and Umar’s  beautiful past together. eumarfoyer

And the last look for the Book Bindery truly brought the concept of Bollywood to life!


Guests were treated to a lavish red carpet entrance, with Umar and Erum as the main stars! We created this awesome custom movie marquee sign for the couple! It was so realistic that cars stopped on the street repeatedly in an attempt to catch a glimpse of a real movie star!

i-DTKskRd-XL-LWatch this gorgeous celebration in a full feature video here, provided by Avec Lumiare Productions.

We are so appreciative of Ajita Chopra‘s coordination and organization. Erum and Umar’s guest count was high however, as you can tell, no detail was overlooked! We were so honored to be a part of Umar and Erum’s spectacular celebration of their love and marriage!

A special thank you to our fellow vendors:

Coordination: Ajita Chopra

Lighting: Amit at 3DSounds


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