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Real Mitzvah: Retro Girl meets Newport Beach

From the start this event was racing HOT!

Just check out the invitation that the amazing Rachel Jane Couture assembled for this client. Notice the tread marks left behind on the invitation and how the invitation communicated all the details via a simple license plate! We were in love from the beginning to the end.


We created an entrance using checker drapes, marque lights and  a bit of coca cola inspiration.  Jeannie and her team at Details Details always makes sure that the details are well approached. In the kids lounge area, Form Decor provided the furniture and then we added more pillows to carry the color theme out.  Above the lounge area we suspended over 20 sets of oversized dice.








We had more help on our prop design graphics and made these Andy Warhol Inspired images of the guest of honor.  The soup cans are actually dog food!  Why? Because in her leisure time, she spends time volunteering to feed hungry dogs.  These cans were made to help communicate her message and were later donated to food shelters.  What an amazing idea, right?140426_Lobel_Details_MKP-12[1]-MSpecial appreciation to our always spectacular vendors:

Jeannie Savage at Details Details

Photography Michelle Kim 

Furniture: Form Decor and our personal collection

Venue: Surf & Sand Resort