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Tip of the Week: Stationary Coordination is Key!

Your wedding should be a reflection of you and your partner- never generic! We at SYED recommend always having stationary that coordinates with your event’s design and overall look! 

Wedding stationary and invitations are so very important! They offer all of your guests a first look into your wedding- which colors, theme, and style best reflects you and your partner. Stationary can be whimsical, modern, or organic. It can be generic, formal, or very informal- either way, it sets the standard for the rest of your wedding and should be taken very seriously.

For example, Jessica and Rob’s wedding featured above was very romantic and earthy. The entire ceremony and reception featured tons of greenery mixed with pastel florals. The wedding stationary created a more cohesive look by using light pastel graphics and a romantic, whimsical font. Check out a couple of examples below!

Below, you can see a beautiful bat mitzvah that we did last year! This French Laduree themed celebration featured a lot of light colors with gold accents. Stationary was placed on a mint blue background with the actual event’s information written in the same font as the Laduree logo!  This same style was carried through to the actual event and was wrapped around cylinder floral arrangements and then placed under bell domes. So cute and so coordinated!

mitzfah laduree

To show case a different look entirely, we chose to feature Michelle and Chris’ gorgeous wedding at the Frederick Leows Estate in Palm Springs. This event featured tons of shimmer, glimmer, and glam- right down to the invitations! stationaryStraying away from the generic colors included in most invitations, these were placed on black stationary and written in a beautiful gold color. The inside of the envelope was decked out in gold glitter (we know- awesome right?!). The fonts were very clean, clear, and easy to read. This carried through the actual event and the same fonts and looks were featured on every escort card and menu in the room! The gold came back on the escort card table, the cake, and the rims of the beautiful glassware. Florals were purely white with a few special arrangements featuring some light pinks and champagne shimmer.

Ultimately, we think that you should choose the best stationary that fits your desires and budget!      Stationary doesn’t have to be boring, black, and white. It can (and should) be just as unique as you and your partner!


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