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Tip of the Week: Caring for your Bouquet

 Regardless of the style, color, and shape of your bouquet, it’s always a good idea to take a few extra steps to preserve the quality of the arrangement. Check out some of our biggest tips to ensure long lasting bouquets- after all, they are freshly cut flowers being tossed around outside of water and in heat!

 Our flowers are always delivered as freshly as possible. They are kept in our cooler, only brought out so that our floral designers can make your beautiful bouquet, and then gently placed in cylinders filled with water and wheeled back into the cooler. Before delivery, we’ll spray the petals with a bit of chilled water to refresh them, carefully fit the cylinders into tightly packaged boxes (to prevent any unnecessary movement), covered with plastic wrap (to prevent any bruising), and into our refrigerated delivery trucks  to our deliveries!001ChriselleWed1-L

 Although this process isn’t necessarily the fastest, it is the best way to take care of a bouquet. This is why it is so important that our bridal parties take a few seconds to follow our tips below!

1. Have your flowers delivered as close to photos as possible. Your bouquet has no need to sit in the corner of the room wilting, so try to have them delivered around thirty minutes before your personal photos are scheduled.  This will ensure the freshness of the flowers and make for the best memories!

2. Keep your bouquets in water! They’re delivered this way for a reason, and after all, they are freshly cut flowers. We recommend only taking them out of water immediately before pictures are taken and replacing them immediately afterwards.

3. Gently wick the handle before handing any bouquet to the bridal party. Often times the bouquets will drip, which may or may not leave some droplets on the beautiful dresses.


4.  Don’t lay your bouquet on its side! This promotes the bruising and displacement of the flowers in the bouquet. We recommend assigning someone the duty of holding the bouquet while the bride is busy to ensure that it is never laid on a surface and is only held properly (by the handle!)

5. Remember to try and keep your bouquet out of direct sunlight (and heat) as much as possible to prevent wilting of the flowers!

Of course, we should put this disclaimer out there: every bouquet has a different level of sensitivity to the environment. Please ask us about care & maintenance of your bouquet before or during the delivery! For example, a bouquet using stephanotis (like this beautiful white bouquet below) is far, far more sensitive than a bouquet which is primarily reliant upon props and greenery (like our awesome “bouquets” for a medieval themed wedding). Also, bouquets that feature tons of greenery can handle a bit more stress! 

Most importantly of all, make sure to truly appreciate the beauty that is your bouquet and enjoy your special day!