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DIY: Romantic Date Night at Home

We are always so excited when we get the call from the Chriselle Factor’s team asking us to do another DIY Inspiration shoot!  This time we were asked to create a romantic date night at home.

What would I want?  I too am a mother (three amazing little boys) and a wife (to an amazing husband) and don’t always have the energy to go out.  Especially when date night on Valentine’s Day means a two hour wait to sit down at a restaurant table or a room full of other couples talking way to loud.  So,let’s make this a night in.  Let’s just cut to the chase and make it dessert in the middle of our living room….This arrangement is designed to awaken the senses for the most romantic Valentine’s night as you’ve never experienced before!  Either skip dinner all together or just cozy down for a romantic treat.


We used pillows from the sofa and tossed them to the floor.  The tables were made using a collection of magazines all stacked up to create the tables base.  The table itself is just cutting boards carefully balanced atop the magazines.chriselle_lim_valentines_day_romantic_night_in-1-6

First, let’s ignite the sense of touch!  The feather-like eucalyptus branches carefully tossed into a vase; the velvet texture of the Hyde carpet; cozy collections of pillows to rest upon.chriselle_lim_valentines_day_romantic_night_in-1-7chriselle_lim_valentines_day_romantic_night_in-1-9

Second, let’s explore Taste.  We all can appreciate the combination of chocolate with a red wine.  Or ripe berries and’s also the romantic appeal of hand feeding your loved juicy berry at a time.   chriselle_lim_valentines_day_romantic_night_in-2-2-2

Third, we cannot see it here but music..sound.  Keep your phones on silent or OFF if you can!  I don’t even want to see the phone in the same room if possible!  Grab your favorite record and turn it on.  Something about going retro with vinyl is uber romantic to me.  But, I’ll take a playlist from Pandora anytime if that is all that is available.

Forth, smell.  As women, we love to smell fresh – so put your notable fragrance on.  Go the the local farmers market or grocery store and pick up some seasonal fresh flowers.  The scent of fresh flowers – roses, the berries, the wine, the lavender linen sprayed pillows are sure to cast a spell on your mate.



Lastly, Sight!  All of the above senses are grouped together into one beautiful nest.  The ivory textural pillows, the natural wood tabletops, the golden candles, the rich hues from the berries and fresh flowers.  It’s a party for the senses…and easy enough for any of you to do yourself this year in the comfort of your own home.


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