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DIY: Valentines Day Tabletop Decor

We love making our homes festive for the holidays.  Especially those that make myself and my special someone the focus of the evening – Valentines Day!  This fun and easy tutorial can be used all year around for any special occasion.  We used the iconic red rose to bring the V into Valentines Day.

Grab your supplies and let’s get started!

Red Roses(2)-LYou will need:

  •  Floral Glue (not hot glue)
  •  Paper Plate, Dessert Size is perfect. But get a firm plate
  •  Scissors
  •  Design Master Spray in Red (or whatever color rose you select)
  •  Roses – about 4 per 8″ completed rose (at a minimum)
  • Love

Total Cost: $ 25 material cost (your using labor of love at no charge)

Total Time: 15 minutes from start to finish (faster if you work here!)

Step One: Start by cutting out the plate to a size that equals about 2″ smaller than your anticipated finished project.Red Roses(6)-L

Step Two: Spray paint the paper plate. This will keep if from showing up after you glue all the flower petals to it.Red Roses(20)-L

Step Three: Petal all of your roses, except one as you will need a full rose for the last step. Start gluing the rose petals around the outer edge.  Use the largest petals from all your roses first. Repeat this circular motion – overlap each ring so you do not see the petals beneath it glued to the plate.  Continue gluing using smaller petals with each ring as you move into the center of the project.
Red Roses(35)-LRed Roses(23)-L

Step Four: Take the last rose, make sure it is nice and opened. If it’s not, gently fold the petals to open the rose.  Trim the stem leaving only enough stem to keep the rose from falling apart.  Make a clean, flat cut.  Place a large amount of glue at the center of your project.  Place your rose at the center, holding it down to keep it upright.Red Roses(40)-L

Perfect!  It’s so pretty!  So simple yet carries a big impact.  Here, we created several roses and placed them atop candle holders to give them some elevation.  Some pretty stemware, plates, chargers and some candles and your table is set!

Red Roses(45)-L

Red Roses(53)-LRed Roses(81)-L

Red Roses(50)-L

Red Roses(85)-L

These fresh roses are fairly delecate.  We tested ours and left out at room temperature and the next day they were wilted.  We have a refrigeration system that can keep them fresh – but your fridge isn’t recommended (CO2 and temperature are not optimal for fresh flowers). So, we would recommend making these in the morning of your dinner date and store in a dark, cool location out of direct sun until you are ready to showcase them.

Red Roses(56)-L

All of these amazing images are courtesy of our friend, John at GreyCardPhotography. Be sure to check out all his amazing images on his website.