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DIY: Geometric Hanging Plants

The year 2015 has been a year of exploration for us here at SYED! We are embracing a new geometric look (check out our awesome geometric centerpieces here) in a lot of our designs and absolutely love it! For our latest DIY with Chriselle, we wanted to create an awesome geometric design that could be used to brighten and modernize any room in your house (SYED Secret: We totally used these to decorate our awesome bathroom!). This look is beginning to pop up everywhere, so go grab your supplies and let’s begin!


You will need: 

♦ Garden trellis

♦ Gold metallic spray paint

♦ Zip-ties (small preferably) 

♦ Wire cutters  

Step One: Take the trellis and bend it in half (we found that beginning at the bottom and working your way up was easiest). Once you’re done, spray-paint the trellis (two coats should get the job done). Repeat the process for the second metal wire and then leave it out to dry in a well ventilated space (for about 15 minutes).

◊ A few tips for spray painting from SYED: Always buy double the amount of paint you think you’ll need, wear gloves and a face mask to protect yourself, paint in a well ventilated space, and use a drop-cloth to cover any overspray. 

Step Two: Take the two bended pieces of trellis and place them against each other so that they complete the shape. Then, take your zip ties and secure them together.



Step Three: Cut the tips of the zip ties off and then spray paint them so that they won’t be noticed in your final look. Now is also a great time to touch up on wherever else you need to!


Step Four: Insert your air plants however you like (and feel free to bend the bottom wires if needed). Now, you have your own awesome geometric DIY’d hanging plants that will totally brighten your space!



Also, if you want to add some more color to the shapes, feel free to throw in a colorful flower of your choice (just remember, they aren’t in water and won’t last an extremely long time).



Perfect! So simple yet so eye-catching! Here, we strung them near windows so that they were illuminated by the sunlight! This look will brighten any room in your house and can be used to wow your guests.


In partnership with our wonderful friend Chriselle Lim. Thank you to Karen Rosalie for these awesome images!