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The Sketchbook Series

Mary Phan, creative director of Very Mary Inspired, designed the Sketchbook Series for for creative professionals.  She wanted the SYED team to create something with straight lines that was quite easy to draw. When we teamed up with Jeannie at Details Details and she suggested the color palette and recommended geometric shapes, we knew just the directions to take the project in! 

0010_Sketchbook_Anaheim-L0179_Sketchbook_Anaheim-LDuring the Sketchbook Series, attendees learned the basics of sketching and coloring, skills that are extremely useful to those who work (and hope to work) in artistic environments.   We at SYED are always playing with different sketches and color schemes!


Special shoutout to Jeany Kim (in the front of this pic), one of SYED’s lead designers-both fashionable and attentive as ever!


Sketching enables artists to develop ideas for later use and references, and are used to very quickly demonstrate and express the gorgeous ideas and images designers think up.   Sketching is totally necessary for any and all creative individuals who need to visually communicate ideas. Krista Mason documented this awesome event perfectly- check out her images below!


The goals of the classes are to teach every attendee….

the basics of sketching as it relates to the event world

tips and methods in order to create depth and texture

the effects of pencil pressure

proper usage of scale, proportion, and depth perception

depiction of 2D vs. 3D objects

proper perspective drawing

mastering the use of blending with watercolor markers

connecting with other creative professionals

Color was very important in the designing process for this event- we wanted people to be able to differentiate spaces using color variation. This enabled the attendees of the Sketchbook Series to play and experiment with different textures. Our geometric shapes also brought in the challenge of conveying a 3-D image on a flat, 2-D canvas.






Anyone that has ever worked with Shawna Yamamoto Event Design will know that we love our installations! These unique geometric shapes were welded together with suspended floral pieces. We did this to emphasize the straight lines of the structure but also used whimsical florals to bring in extra swirling and curved brush strokes for the artists at the Sketchbook Series!


Congratulations to all of the participants of this series!!!


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Thank you to our fellow sponsors!

Venue: The Colony House 

Planner: Details Details

Photographer: Krista Mason Photography

Cakes: Kayla’s Cakes

 Linens:  Napa Valley Linens