Tip of the Week: Indian Wedding Budgets

With the average Indian wedding budget ranging anywhere from $65,000-$250,000, it’s important to have amazing vendors who can and will make your dream day come to fruition (and know exactly what they cost). Check out this awesome video from Robles Video Productions to learn more about where money goes in an Indian wedding!

We’ve also included the information written below for extra accessibility! 

Animal Rentals: $700+

Elephants: $5,000

Dhol: $400+

Mehndi: $500-700

Entertainment: $1,500-5,000+

Catering: $20,000-30,000

Makeup: $700-1,500

Clothing & Jewelry: $8,000-20,000

Photography: $6,000-10,000

DJ: $5,000-10,000

Event Design/Decor/Florals: $20,000-75,000+

Lighting: $4,000-6,000

Venue: $25,000-100,000

Priest: $600-900

Rentals: $6,000-8,000

Cinematography: $6,000-10,000

Total Average Indian Wedding Budget: $65,000-$250,000 


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