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Tip of the Week: To Drape or Not to Drape?

Many of our most luxe events incorporate draping in some shape or form. Whether it is a simple freestanding drape option in a walkway or entrance,  wall to wall draping in a ballroom, or a ceiling installation, it adds class and elegance to any environment. While our team does offer freestanding drape, we do not do full scale ballroom draping. Draping really does boil down to budget, as it generally will cost per linear foot. Lower end draping can cost as low as $7.50 per foot and higher end draping can get up to $20 or more. This is all dependent on the fabric used, density, ceiling hight, and any extra swagging or detailing. Pipe and drape can do so much for an event- whether it’s making a large room more intimate or changing the color scheme. Check out a few examples below of what interior draping can do for an event!   One of my favorite examples of the before and after of room draping is the one you see here above. This is the …

Tip of the Week: Indian Wedding Budgets

With the average Indian wedding budget ranging anywhere from $65,000-$250,000, it’s important to have amazing vendors who can and will make your dream day come to fruition (and know exactly what they cost). Check out this awesome video from Robles Video Productions to learn more about where money goes in an Indian wedding!

Tip of the Week: Caring for your Bouquet

 Regardless of the style, color, and shape of your bouquet, it’s always a good idea to take a few extra steps to preserve the quality of the arrangement. Check out some of our biggest tips to ensure long lasting bouquets- after all, they are freshly cut flowers being tossed around outside of water and in heat!  Our flowers are always delivered as freshly as possible. They are kept in our cooler, only brought out so that our floral designers can make your beautiful bouquet, and then gently placed in cylinders filled with water and wheeled back into the cooler. Before delivery, we’ll spray the petals with a bit of chilled water to refresh them, carefully fit the cylinders into tightly packaged boxes (to prevent any unnecessary movement), covered with plastic wrap (to prevent any bruising), and into our refrigerated delivery trucks  to our deliveries!  Although this process isn’t necessarily the fastest, it is the best way to take care of a bouquet. This is why it is so important that our bridal parties take a few …