Author: Shawna Yamamoto

DIY: Super Fun Spring Vases

On behalf of the entire crew here at SYED, we want to wish you all a very happy Spring!! To kick off one of our favorite seasons, we are bringing you our latest DIY project with Chriselle & her team over at The Chriselle Factor: Spring Vases. They’re so cute, easy, and fun! Perfect to brighten your desk, windowsill, or tabletop! 

DIY: Geometric Hanging Plants

The year 2015 has been a year of exploration for us here at SYED! We are embracing a new geometric look (check out our awesome geometric centerpieces here) in a lot of our designs and absolutely love it! For our latest DIY with Chriselle, we wanted to create an awesome geometric design that could be used to brighten and modernize any room in your house (SYED Secret: We totally used these to decorate our awesome bathroom!). This look is beginning to pop up everywhere, so go grab your supplies and let’s begin! You will need:  ♦ Garden trellis ♦ Gold metallic spray paint ♦ Zip-ties (small preferably)  ♦ Wire cutters   Step One: Take the trellis and bend it in half (we found that beginning at the bottom and working your way up was easiest). Once you’re done, spray-paint the trellis (two coats should get the job done). Repeat the process for the second metal wire and then leave it out to dry in a well ventilated space (for about 15 minutes). ◊ A few tips for …

DIY: Valentines Day Tabletop Decor

We love making our homes festive for the holidays.  Especially those that make myself and my special someone the focus of the evening – Valentines Day!  This fun and easy tutorial can be used all year around for any special occasion.  We used the iconic red rose to bring the V into Valentines Day. Grab your supplies and let’s get started! You will need:  Floral Glue (not hot glue)  Paper Plate, Dessert Size is perfect. But get a firm plate  Scissors  Design Master Spray in Red (or whatever color rose you select)  Roses – about 4 per 8″ completed rose (at a minimum) Love Total Cost: $ 25 material cost (your using labor of love at no charge) Total Time: 15 minutes from start to finish (faster if you work here!) Step One: Start by cutting out the plate to a size that equals about 2″ smaller than your anticipated finished project. Step Two: Spray paint the paper plate. This will keep if from showing up after you glue all the flower petals to it. …