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Be Creative: DIY Fall Tabletop Decor

In this fall themed DIY, we’re going to show you how to take some very festive gourds and turn them into unique illuminated table accents! These are sure to wow your guests and definitely bring warmth to your home on the holidays! Thank you to Greycard Photography for always taking the time to stop by our studio and help us document our memories!  Materials Needed:  Gourds Metallic Spray Paint LED Tealights Spoon Hand Saw Drill Materials Continued:  To start, feel free to pick any gourds that you personally feel will match the size of the area you want to decorate. For the purpose of this DIY, we kept them rather small (no larger than 6″x6″). It is important to remember, however, that if the gourds are too small an LED candle may not fit in them and they won’t offer the magical illumination that the larger ones can!  For the painting, we chose a mix of metallics. Our team has found that Design Master in Rose Gold and 24 KT Pure Gold delivers the brightest and truest gold color around, so that’s what we …

Be Creative: Artists Never Stop Learning

A few weeks ago Nicole & Shawna took a trip to Mayesh OC to participate in the “Francoise Weeks Botanical Couture Workshop.” There was so much fun to be had as they spent the day designing botanical masterpieces with purses, shoes, headpieces and jewelry. Floral accessories are becoming more and more popular in the industry, so Shawna & Nicole quickly jumped on the opportunity to advance their experience working with these design elements. 

The Sketchbook Series

Mary Phan, creative director of Very Mary Inspired, designed the Sketchbook Series for for creative professionals.  She wanted the SYED team to create something with straight lines that was quite easy to draw. When we teamed up with Jeannie at Details Details and she suggested the color palette and recommended geometric shapes, we knew just the directions to take the project in! 

DIY: Super Fun Spring Vases

On behalf of the entire crew here at SYED, we want to wish you all a very happy Spring!! To kick off one of our favorite seasons, we are bringing you our latest DIY project with Chriselle & her team over at The Chriselle Factor: Spring Vases. They’re so cute, easy, and fun! Perfect to brighten your desk, windowsill, or tabletop!