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Real Mitzvah: House of Emma

Emma’s mitzvah was a beautiful collaboration of sophistication and artistic expression. Bold and vibrant in every sense, this modern mitzvah is one the SYED team won’t be forgetting any time soon! Michelle from Details Details rocked this one of a kind event with us along with a multitude of amazing vendors and we are totally stoked that we finally get to share Jessica Claire’s gorgeous images! 

Real Mitzvah: Natalie’s Candyland-Inspired Celebration

We’re doing a huge throwback today to one of our favorite mitzvah themes of all time- Candlyland! Don’t we all remember sitting around the colorful board game at one time or another- filled with joy and excitement? That’s exactly how the SYED team felt when we partnered with  Details Details! Our venue? A warehouse- a completely blank slate- which made us so happy! We were able to hand pick and choose practically every detail of this design and totally transform the area! Michael Tsao Photography did such a wonderful job capturing our ceiling installation and truly bringing it to life! Our paper pinwheel-turned-oversized candy necklace look takes a large chunk of time to create- but I mean, look at how fun and interesting it looks put together! In addition to the large candy necklace design, we gathered numerous gumball-colored balloons and bunched them together to create the look of- well, you guessed it- gumballs! Rachel Jane Couture‘s gorgeous custom created invitations perfectly encapsulated our desired look and feel and we are so happy that she did …