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Real Wedding: Ivory and Blush Florals Stun at the Hyatt

The Reddy wedding will forever hold a special place in our hearts. Not only was the beautiful bride such a pleasure to work with, but this was our first truly massive wedding.  With a guest count well over 1,000, every detail mattered.  Jeannie and her entire team at Details Details worked tirelessly to communicate the bride’s vision with Shawna and the entire SY & Co. crew. Our warehouse has never been quite so dominated by one event before, and the energy was practically bouncing off of the walls! It truly is an amazing experience to see a large event like this go from simple sketches to real life. Enjoy these amazing images from Lin & Jirsa Photography!  The best place to start when talking about this ceremony may as well be at the entrance! Here stood large golden mirrors with elegant white calligraphy reading various romantic sayings. We collected a bunch of glamorous gold urns and brass cups that were filled with petite florals. Next to the mirrors were fresh and fragrant strands of jasmine shipped in …

Be Creative: Artists Never Stop Learning

A few weeks ago Nicole & Shawna took a trip to Mayesh OC to participate in the “Francoise Weeks Botanical Couture Workshop.” There was so much fun to be had as they spent the day designing botanical masterpieces with purses, shoes, headpieces and jewelry. Floral accessories are becoming more and more popular in the industry, so Shawna & Nicole quickly jumped on the opportunity to advance their experience working with these design elements.